Professional Web Design – Cape Town

Our Cape Town Web Design Experts are here to meet your needs but in this article we want to discuss the self-service approach. You have to say we South African’s are a creative bunch with talents that supercedes the global scene. When I look at some of the website’s our local agencies have designed I am always left in awe of the sheer abilities of our designers. But designing a website through an agency can be costly for a start-up or an individual looking to start a personal blog.

Thanks to technology the website design software developed in this century allows you as a novice the doorway to creating your own site. And you have the freedom to let your creativity reign supreme. There is a learning curve to using what is known as a Content Management System, but if you are computer savvy you will get the hang of it fairly quickly. One of the most popular CMS platforms used by over 20% of the websites online is called WordPress. This website uses WordPress and so does millions of other websites online.

But getting back to using a CMS. It is all about practice, and a good starting point to get some practice is to get onto Youtube and search for WordPress Tutorials. Go through some of the videos to get an idea of the platform and the basics of how everything functions. When you get a feel for things then you will need to register a domain and get yourself a starter hosting package. Our local hosting providers in South Africa offer a good service and there are cheap packages that do not cost more that R50/month for smaller websites which is all you will need when getting started.

Here is a Video on Getting Started With WordPress:

You will also be able to register your chosen domain name through the web hosting company you select. Youtube offers dozens of video tutorials that will help you setup your domain and install WordPress. Once you have WordPress installed you will feel like you accomplished a great feat, and I assure you – you have! Learning how to use a CMS and design your own website is more about trial and error, the more mistakes you make the more you will learn. The awesome thing about the web is that there is usually a solution for every obstacle you face.

If you hit a roadblock just get onto Google and search for a solution, be specific with your search query and Google will offer you a plethora of websites to solve your WordPress problems. Before long, you will feel like a website designer yourself and you will have a creation to show off to the world.

I personally love using WordPress to design websites that I place online and the exhilaration of creating a website and publishing to the world is unmatched. Learning is an ongoing process, I do not know all there is to designing but I can put together a website fairly easily these days and that is due to the experience I have. Other options available to you are drag and drop designing platforms which allow you to compose a site quickly and without much practice. However the coding on these type of websites isn’t always search engine friendly but even this is changing as new platforms become more advances. Websites like Weebly and Wix offers this kind of functionality and these sites have become very popular due to the ease of creating a website for business or personal use.

While you will be able to create something magical on your own I still suggest using a webdesign company as their expertise will help you create something truly awesome. So what are you waiting for – get on your bike and start designing!